International Restaurant by Klabo Group, Klaus Woizik and Bogdan Vlase Hoteliers, the guys behind Nip & Dram, featuring culinary experience of Norwegian Executive Chef Christer Foldnes Norwegian Best Chef 2009, have unveiled in the vibrant area of Senopati in the heart of the business sector. The key is fresh Scandinavian style of cooking but with an international menu specializing in seafood and meat grill but also a variety of healthy, organic and unique dishes. A three level dining experience and bar lounge welcoming you to the warm ambiance with an already busy city full of traffic stresses where once entered the ‘mad’ city life outside will be forgotten. A modern cozy bright colored atmosphere featuring an amazing wine, champagne selection, delicious cocktails and since these are the boys behind Nip & Dram, the whiskey will not disappoint to say the least.

Champagne is our “soup of the day” and poured by the glass you will find Billecart Salmon, Laurent Perrier and Dom Perignon every day and also as free flow during the A La Carte Sunday Brunch. A Happy Hour will be available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4pm to 7pm and Tuesday all day long for the business and stock exchange crowd to enjoy a western style bar happy hour on cocktails, wines, beers and snacks. The operation is seven days per week with lunch and dinner and available for events, birthdays and other special occasions. A series of international guest chefs are planned already to visit together with several wineries and champagne houses at this beautiful spot. Check page below for more information.


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